Area 2: Emotional

Measuring how you relate emotionally to people, places, objects and activities.

Emotions play a crucial role in your life. You may be a very successful business person or sport superstar, but if you are unable to control your emotions, it could seriously hamper you. 

On the other hand, positive emotions can help you to feel great, to see possibilities, and make them reality. Harnessing the power of emotions may therefore be one of the factors that can have the biggest influence on your daily happiness, while unsatisfactory emotions may lead to the feeling of being out of control. 

In this section, the focus is not on specific emotional problems or mental health difficulties, but rather on finding the roots of everyday emotional problems, to generate solutions that will help you to be more fulfilled emotionally. That will in turn help you to be more fulfilled overall, and lead to more overall happiness.

As we explore how you relate to people, places or objects and activities, and how this affects your life, this area is subdivided into three sections:

  1. Relationships 
  2. Environment 
  3. Fun & Adventure