Area 2: Commitment

Measuring whether you are committed to what you believe

Leading implies that you are going somewhere; that you are aiming to achieve something. Therefore, after establishing who you are, the second question you need to answer, is: “where are we going?” Once you are clear about your destination and what you want to achieve, you will realise that your level of commitment will determine whether you actually achieve it or not. 

Commitment is more than a feeling or an attitude; it is a decision, an act of your will. Commitment will change you from being easily distracted by less worthy goals to being totally focussed on the goal you want to achieve. Commitment will change your language and your attitude from “I’ll do my best” to “I will do whatever it takes”. 

If you, as the leader, are fully committed to what you believe and what you want to achieve, it will inspire commitment in those who follow you. Commitment is what will make the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it.

Therefore, in order to help you evaluate where you are heading and how to develop this core element of leadership, we are going to look at three specific categories:

  1. being clear about your vision,
  2. constantly developing yourself and
  3. developing the team around you.